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The Leading Distributor For Healthy
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AmCan® is an international conglomerate engaged in several enterprises spanning from retail commerce to product distribution within the FMCG industry. Originally established in 2005 as a Sport Nutrition distributor, AmCan® has since evolved and became the largest sport nutrition and healthy foods distributor within the MENA region with a distribution network spanning from Morocco to Oman covering over 18 different countries. Led by a team with decades of combined experience in all facets of FMCG, today, AmCan® is by far the largest distributor of specialty products including sport nutrition and healthy foods covering over 3,000 points of sale. More recently, AmCan has expanded its health and wellness product portfolio by adding more brands within the vitamins and on-the go healthy snacks categories.


Sport Supplements

The sport nutrition market continues to grow as people continue to focus on their well being and health. The recent pandemic has further fueled this growth as people continue to realize that nutrition is essential for a healthy body. Sports nutrition products offer benefits such as optimal gains from training, improved recovery, and achievement of ideal body weight. As more people continue to adopt sports nutrition products as a part of their daily diet, we expect that the growth trends will continue.

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Healthy Foods

Health and wellness are becoming a mainstream focus. It’s clear that people are more focused on their diet and health compared to any previous time in history. In light of this emerging awareness, people are constantly looking for healthy alternatives for their snacking needs and on the go nutrition options. The Healthy Food category is amongst the fastest growing segments within the FMCG industry. AmCan’s existing distribution network within the health and wellness market enabled us to seemingly expand into this segment

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Vitamins & Health

Vitamins and Minerals are other categories that AmCan expanded into in order to leverage its distribution network which includes major pharmacy chains within the region. Given the recent pandemic, this category has witnessed rapid growth. AmCan has since added major global brands to its portfolio and is focusing on expanding its offerings and coverage within this category.

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