AmCan® is an international conglomerate engaged in several distinct commercial faculties within Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. AmCan® facilitates several enterprises spanning from retail commerce to product distribution within the FMCG industry.


Originally founded in 2005 as a general trading firm with offices in Burlington, Ontario. Right from the start, the company decided to focus its efforts on the Health and Wellness industry within the Middle East, which was recognized as a major opportunity back then. In 2010, the company decided to relocate its headquarters to Dubai, UAE in order to be closer to its core market.

AmCan® has since evolved and became the largest sports nutrition and healthy foods distributor within the MENA region with a distribution network spanning from Morocco to Oman covering over 18 different countries. Today, AmCan® is an international conglomerate engaged in several enterprises spanning from retail commerce to product distribution within the FMCG industry. Led by a team with decades of combined experience in all facets of FMCG and supported by best-in-class physical and IT infrastructure with a fully integrated ERP system. AmCan® is by far the largest distributor of specialty products including sports nutrition and healthy foods covering over 3,000 points of sale.

The remarkable success of AmCan® is attributed to the core philosophies and practices exercised within all tiers of the organization. AmCan® has successfully facilitated the expansion of distribution networks for hundreds of companies across the globe to its designated regions; employing efficient supply chain management and multi-level marketing paradigms to maximize brand awareness. Utilizing extensive regional market knowledge coupled with a comprehensive distribution network – companies who are aiming to expand their market share collaborate with AmCan®. More recently, AmCan has expanded its health and wellness product portfolio by adding more brands within the vitamins and on-the-go healthy snacks categories. Currently, the organization represents over 15 leading international brands within the Middle East region. The company operates a total of 4 Major Distribution Centers within the Gulf Region and works with many sub-distributors/partners within North Africa and the Levant Regions. Operations are supported by a fully implemented and operating SAP ERP system across all business units.

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Our mission is to empower any person engaged in any sport, fitness activity or simply living a healthy lifestyle by availing products that will support their objectives in a convenient and efficient manner.


To become the go-to source of lifestyle products in the MENA region, with an emphasis on superior customer service and advanced technological solutions


Our core philosophies and practices are expressed by our SUPERIOR values. Superior Products - Superior Distribution - Superior Marketing - Superior Service


AmCan® has capitalized on its comprehensive distribution network to establish powerful collaborations with internationally renowned brands. The company’s distribution network includes a variety of wholesale and retail clients operating within the Middle East and North Africa. Currently, the organization covers over 3000 points of sale within 18 different countries.

AmCan® operates a total of 4 Major Distribution Centers within the Gulf Region as well as through multiple third-party logistics and sub-distributors/partners within North Africa and the Levant Regions. This means that products are readily available and conveniently located to cater to large and small retailers. The distribution network also employs effective supply chain management to secure product availability based on current and future forecasts.

Employee-training programs are designed to ensure all staffs are highly trained, driven, and passionate within a supportive and cooperative work environment. This area of focus has allowed the organization to deliver superior service wherein our retailer’s staff represent brands with knowledge and enthusiasm – thus improving consumer awareness, education, and brand perception. Our channels include all the following types of retailers:

  • Pharmacies
  • Nutritional Supplement Stores
  • Hypermarkets
  • Supermarkets and C-Stores
  • Hotels
  • Gas Stations
  • Online Stores
  • Gyms and Health Clubs
  • Cafes and Juice Bars
  • Sporting Goods Stores
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AmCan® recognizes the importance of marketing in order to build brand awareness. The organization implements industry best practices in order to effectively communicate the value of the products and brands it distributes. In fact, providing superior marketing is one of the core foundational values that has served as an asset to the success of AmCan® and its partners.

The marketing practices employed by AmCan® are founded on contemporary internal and external paradigms. AmCan® invests in thorough market analysis; allowing the organization to understand consumer behavior and model marketing strategies that complement the data. These techniques are used to cultivate increased consumer awareness, employee/consumer education, and positive brand perception, which in turn maximize a brand’s potential to prosper in our markets. Moreover, by understanding regional consumer behavior, AmCan® enables its partners to identify opportunities for growth required to effectively penetrate its unique markets.

Our external marketing programs involve all practices used to communicate with the end consumers. We employ both traditional and contemporary strategies with an extensive focus on digital and social media.

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Data is at the heart of everything we do! AmCan® acknowledges the significance of utilizing world-class technology in order to consistently optimize costs and realize opportunities.

Over the years, AmCan® has invested significant resources to develop, maintain, and operate an efficient and cost-effective supply chain model using world-class Information Technology infrastructure. The technology used by the group has served to monitor key activities, provide reliable information and identify opportunities. Specialized engineers are employed to oversee and manage our technological infrastructure.

Currently, the company operates using the leading software for integrated Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) solutions from SAP. SAP is the world leader in enterprise software and software-related services. AmCan® utilizes SAP to monitor crucial metrics such as product availability, shelf life, in-market sales, and much more. This system provides the organization with an accurate and quantifiable overview of company operations. SAP data is also used to identify opportunities for improvement within all aspects of the business.

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